Off Limits: An Aces Hockey Novella - Kelly Jamieson

Andrew and Jenna have a special relationship and such great chemistry it was no secret that they would get together. But the thing you need to know is that it was a rough road for them, how do you go to live with your best friends’ family during your teenage years and promise the dad that you will stay away from the only daughter and then go back on your word? Well, you don't and that is the thing that Andrew has always struggled with.


Christmastime is here so the entire family has gathered to celebrate the holiday, the one thing that no one expected was for Jenna to show up with a boyfriend. The asshat as he is so fondly called by Andrew and Jenna's brothers was such a dull person, I was actually hoping one of the brothers would toss him out on his a$$ but they all behaved nicely, well, as nicely as brothers can. ;)


This was a fun read with some steamy scenes and a great addition to the series.


The part of the book that had me laughing out loud was when they were playing a game called Dirty Mind, I have never heard of this game but now that I have read about it I will be ordering it. HYSTERICAL!!!


Off Limits (Aces Hockey, #1.5) by Kelly Jamieson
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