Texas Bounty Series Book #1

Take Me Deeper: A Texas Bounty Novel - Jackie Ashenden
Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

Take Me Deeper is the first book in a new series by Jackie Ashenden called Texas Bounty and as you can guess by the name of the series it is about Bounty hunters....and holy hell is it hot!

Zane is back in Texas to help his brothers (Quinn and Rush) run the family business "Lone Star Bounty" but he is only staying for one month and then he is heading back to the Army and his Special Forces team. Quinn makes Zane promise to complete this one job before he can even begin to start thinking of leaving...but Zane had no idea that this one job would change his life.

Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

Iris is on the run after her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend got her involved with transporting drugs for the cartel and she was arrested. Now Iris is looking over her shoulders for the cartel and the police, and neither can find her because one will kill her and the other will lock her up until she testifies.

Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

When Zane finally catches up with Iris things really start to get interesting!
Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie AshendenI enjoyed the chemistry between Zane an Iris and I was a bit skeptical on how things would work out between them, I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with the ending of their story.

Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

I look forward to reading more of this series but I have to be honest that I cannot wait for Quinn's story! I really hope it plays out the way I'm hoping it does. ;)

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