Outsider by Olivia Cunning

Outsider (Exodus End World Tour Book 2)Outsider by Olivia Cunning
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First things first, this maybe the second story in the Exodus End series but it's an absolute must to have read Double Time FIRST, Double Time is the fifth book in the Sinners on Tour series and it is where we are introduced to Reagan and Ethan as they being their polyamory relationship with Trey (the sexy rhythm guitarist in the Sinners rock-band).

Now for my review,
Reagan is on tour with Exodus End and her personal life is being spread across the pages of a tabloid, which causes a great amount of grief for Reagan as well as Ethan since neither of their families knows about the threesome. Trey has always been one of my favorite "Sinners" and this story has only added to my fondness of him. Trey is so loving and devoted to both of his partners no matter what anyone else thinks is right or wrong, Trey follows the beat of his own drum...or should I say the strum of his own guitar? ;) Anyway, Trey is open about his sexuality and the fact that he is in love with a man as well as a woman doesn't phase him at all it just the way he has always been. Ethan and Reagan on the other hand have a harder time being open about their relationship in public because of the fear of how their families will react.
There is a line in the book where Trey says, "The heart wants what the heart wants" and he is absolutely right, who is to say what makes a loving couple is only a man and a woman, it can be a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a man and two women, or a women and two men. As long as everyone is getting what they need from the relationship it shouldn't be anyone's business. I feel Olivia Cunning did a wonderful job with the portrayals of each of the characters as well as the families reactions to their relationship.

Outsider (Exodus End World Tour Book 2) by Olivia Cunning
Outsider (Exodus End World Tour Book 2) by Olivia Cunning
Outsider (Exodus End World Tour Book 2) by Olivia Cunning

I look forward to the next book in this series Staged Steve Aimes story, Steve intrigues me, especially after everything that came to light with him in this book, I wonder who he will find his HEA with.....

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