Game On by Sheryl Nantus

Game On (Entwined Hearts)Game On by Sheryl Nantus
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Angela finds out that her finance has been stepping out on her in the most devastating way so she decides to take some time for herself and goes to her hometown, Glen Barrow, to visit with her mother. What Angie didn't expect to find when she got there was that her high school ex and college ex were both living in the small town.

Hunter was her high school sweetheart who is now the basketball coach at the local college. Angie and Hunter were in love but she wanted to go to Penn State to follow her dreams of becoming a lawyer and Hunter let her go, but will he let her go again or will he fight for her?

Jake and Angie fell in love at Penn State but after graduation they split on good terms, Jake was off to join the FBI and Angie was about to start her next chapter on becoming the lawyer she always dreamed of being. Although they ended their relationship on good terms they did not stay in touch, so when Angie sees that Jake is the police chief in her small town she is thrown for a loop.

Angie still has feelings for both men and they each still have feelings for her, so what is a girl to do? Choose the cop or the coach? Or maybe, just maybe they can make it work for all three of them to be in a relationship?

The chemistry was great between all parties involved but if you are looking for some MMF you will be disappointed because while each of the men will admit that the other is good looking that is as far as it goes with them. Angie is the only focus of Hunter and Jake's attention. This was a good menage story and it is the first book I have read by Sheryl Nantus but it wont be the last because I already have Betting on Both downloaded and ready to go.

Game On by Sheryl Nantus

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