What a way to finish out the series

Beyond Layers: Layer Series Book Four (Layers Series 4) - TL Alexander, Hot Trees Editing
Samantha's world was rocked when Lane, her fiancé, was shot and killed two years ago, I am still finding it hard to believe that he was killed off but anyway - I guess if he wasn't Sam wouldn't have found the absolute perfect guy for her.
Samantha has relocated to the Outer Banks, North Carolina where she is hoping to regroup and maybe have a mindless fling with Mr. Sex on a sick that she watches run past her on the beach twice a day for a week. Logan is a hockey player that is home recovering from an injury, and while he is running on the beach doing his rehab he sees an Angel.
Can Samantha and Logan have a mindless fling without getting tangled up with unwanted emotions? What if they go into it with no knowledge of the other person, no personal information exchanged, no last names, nothing about their true identity being revealed? Would that make a difference?
Beyond Layers (Layers Series 4) by T.L. Alexander
The chemistry between Logan and Samantha was great, I LOVED that they started innocently flirting while on the beach, it was a great lead in to the obvious attraction they had for one another. This book did have a bunch of twists and turns, you never knew if things were going to work out for them or not...seriously you have a short fling with someone that you know nothing about and then when you are back in the real world you have to believe that its over no matter how much you wish you were because you DIDN'T EVEN GET THEIR LAST NAME! LOL
Once again I will say that I am sorry to see this sexy, suspenseful, laugh out loud, series come to an end.
Beyond Layers (Layers Series 4) by T.L. Alexander
Hot little car to ride in along the coast ;) Beyond Layers (Layers Series 4) by T.L. Alexander