Quick Hot Read

Nix (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club) - Candace Blevins
Hot Quick read! The only thing I didn't like about this story was that it was to short. I loved getting to know Nix the new member of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club and the new instructor at the club owned gun shop, Nix is a werewolf like most of the RTMC but what I didn't expect was for Tippy to be a Doe...Yes a DEER and a WOLF together?!? How can this be? Well I'll tell you that Candace Blevins has a knack for making this inter-species couples work, and boy do Nix and Tippy work well! Nix (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club) by Candace Blevins I really hope to see more of Nix and Tippy in the upcoming Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club books, Ghost is up next, I really hope that Dawg gets his HEA soon!
**Read as part of the RIDIN' DIRTY: An Outlaw Author Anthology