Slow Hand by Victoria Vane

Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights) - Victoria Vane
This was a hot little read but I have to say there are a few food items that I will never look at the same again after reading this book. Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights, #1) by Victoria Vane “I’m afraid I can’t help you out there, Wade. Now if you’d said you were partial to nectarines…” “Nectarines?” “Yeah.” Her mouth twitched. “You know. They’re a lot like peaches…sweet and succulent…only without the annoying—” She gifted him with a seductive smile. In sudden understanding his pupils instantly flared big and black. Nikki’s gaze flickered to his crotch. She certainly had his attention now. “Shit,” he mumbled and shifted his stance. “I’ve never eaten a nectarine before.” “Then I guess you’ve got something new to add to your bucket list.” Her smile widened in triumph. Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights, #1) by Victoria Vane I love cannoli. Especially if they’re big and long and so filled to bursting that they explode in your mouth.” His jaw twitched. “Stop. Just stop now or I’ll make you so sorry.” “No, I’m going to savor the hell out of my dessert. I’m going to lick and nibble all the chocolate off the outside, and then swish my tongue on the inside. And after that, I’ll suck out all the filling…and you’re going to watch me.” Nikki is heading to Montana after finding out her father passed away, whom she hasn't seen in 20 years, when she misses her connecting flight things aren't looking good for her at all. Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights, #1) by Victoria Vane Wade is heading back to the family ranch after taking care of some business when he see the distressed woman trying to get on a flight, then she sits down and has a minor meltdown so Wade does what his momma taught him to do, he went to the ticket agent and gave up his seat so she could get on the flight then he rented a car and started the long drive to the ranch. I wish more men were like Wade, he was funny, kind, considerate, and honest. Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights, #1) by Victoria Vane The banter between Nikki and Wade was great, witty and filled with sexual innuendos, there was some angst to go along with the humor so it wasn't "light" all the time. This was the first book I have read by [author:Victoria Vane|5319795] and I look forward to more! Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights, #1) by Victoria Vane