Betting on Both by Sheryl Nantus

Betting on Both (Entwined Hearts)Betting on Both by Sheryl Nantus
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Kat McMaster is sent to New Orleans to turn around the hotel that was recently acquired by her grandfathers company, if she can show a profit on this run down hotel and casino her grandfather promises her that she can run any of the hotels they own. Cole has been given the task to keep Kat safe and run the security at the hotel, this is a job that he doesn't take lightly but there is one little problem....Cole has been infatuated with Kat for a few years now and being so close to her on a daily basis may be harder than anyone expects. Julien is the replacement manager at the Majestic since the original one ran off knowing that Kat was on her way to review everything (can we say dirty manager). Ok, now that you have a little background on each of the main characters let me tell you something that surprised me...Kat is the one that initiated the menage! Yep that's right, usually its one of the men if not both of them but Kat is the one that was attracted to both and didn't want to have to choose. Having the female instigate the threesome seems to be something that Sheryl Nantus likes to write about because a similar scenario happened in Game On. I appreciate the strong female character going after what she wants and in this book it worked really well.

The chemistry between Cole, Kat, and Julien was HOT! Julien was the romantic and it was obvious that both Cole and Kat appreciated the softer side of him, but if you ask me the hotter one was Cole! Once Cole told Kat and Julien about his past he became vulnerable and it was sexy as all get out.
Betting on Both (Entwined Hearts) by Sheryl Nantus

I enjoyed this steamy read but to be honest I enjoyed Game On a little bit more. That being said, if you are looking for a good menage (MFM) you should definitely give this book a try, you wont be disappointed.
Betting on Both (Entwined Hearts) by Sheryl Nantus

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