opposites do attract

— feeling love
Connection Error - Annabeth Albert

This is the third installment of the #gaymers series, and if you have enjoyed the previous two books Status Update & Beta Test then you are really going to love this book. I have to say that I have been looking forward to Josiah's story for a while, he is the geeky, no filter, ADHD, lovable co-worker of Tristan, Ravi, Adrian, & Noah's. I took an instant liking to him when the guys went to his house in the previous book for a gaming night (how much fun does that sound) to me he just seems like the friend that you could count on cheering you up when you are down.

Josiah is finally given the opportunity to be project manager/architect on a new add-on military pack for the space villagers game that his company has designed and he is heading to Germany to meet with some of his team members. On the flight he is seated next to hunky Navy SEAL Ryan Orson. Ryan turns out to be a gamer and the men enjoy the flight together by discussing the new program that Josiah is working on. Ryan has been hurt in combat and is heading to Walter Reed for the rehabilitation that he needs in order to continue his active duty but as an instructor and not in the field.

This is definitely an opposites attract situation, but, I would also venture to say that it's a friends to lovers because although there is definitely chemistry between the two at the very start, they really do become great friends through the emails and Skype calls. I LOVED the emails that went back and forth between the two men while they were apart.

I look forward to the next book in the series and although I would love for it to be PIKE there are no clues given as to who will be next to get their HFN/HEA.

***I have received this book from Carina Press through netgalley in exchange for my honest review***