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One of the things I love most to do is read. Some of my favorite genre's are: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, GLBTQ Romance, Chick Lit, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Mystery/Suspense, and of course the Classics.
Icing: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson

Duncan is an NHL star and he is tired of woman using him for his money and fame. After he cuts loose his latest gold-digger he heads over to the "Sin Bin" for some drinks with a new resolve of swearing of women. Now you know that won't last long but it's pretty funny watching him try to stear clear of anyone of the female persuasion...let's just say he doesn't make it very far.

Amber is the newest waitress at the "Sin Bin" working to put herself through school. Amber has a very low tolerance for athletes and swears never to become involved with one other than working for Jared the NHL player that owner the bar.

Can two people that have preconceived notions about the other get to a place where they see said person for their true self and not what they believed to be true?


Kelly Jamieson serves up a hat trick with this newest addition to the Aces Hockey Series. Past couples make an appearance, Marc and Lovey (Major Misconduct), Andrew and Jenna (Off Limits), both couples have great chemistry but the chemistry between Duncan and Amber is ice melting!



Icing by Kelly Jamieson Icing by Kelly Jamieson

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Major Misconduct: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson
I love this new series! Major Misconduct has a little of everything going on, brother and sister fighting like only brothers and sister can, brother warning everyone away from sister, sister secretly hooking up with a teammate of brothers, some hockey games, lots of sex, and of course secrets that don't remain secret.

Lovey decided she needed a new start so she packed up and moved to Chicago showing up on her brothers doorstep without any notice and requested that she say with him until she could find someplace of her own. Now her brother Duncan always thought that she was flighty and this was a perfect example of why he believed that, Marc is Duncan's roommate and teammate on the NHL Chicago Aces Hockey Team, one look between Marc and Lovey and sparks are flying.

This was an enjoyable read that once I picked up I didn't want to put it down, I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Aces Hockey team in future books and I hope that Duncan finds someone soon, maybe then he will lay off on Marc and Lovey ;)

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The "SIN BIN" is NOT a Sports Bar ;)

Top Shelf: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson
Nadine's 4 star rating
I have been waiting for Jared story since I read [book:Major Misconduct|25014305], he seemed to have a bit of mystery about him, especially since he played for the Aces Hockey Team and also owned "The Sin Bin" bar/restaurant. Not many men can hold down two careers successfully and he does it effortlessly. Well, that was until Sidney waltzes into the bar and turns her nose down at the cocktail menu...or should I say the lack of one.
Top Shelf (Aces Hockey, #3) by Kelly Jamieson
Sidney was just what Jared needed to get "The Sin Bin" to where he wanted it to go, he doesn't want to be the neighborhood sports bar, he would like to to be more upscale especially since he has a talented chef that does all the cooking for the restaurant as well as the bar. Sidney is a consultant that helps bars and restaurants revise their menus to get the type of clientele that they would like, whether that means they need a new drink and food menu or they need to revamp their entire business.
Neither Jared nor Sidney are looking for a relationship but they have a chemistry that neither wants to deny so they go into a NO STRINGS fling because you can control whom you fall in love with...HA!!!!!
“You’re just afraid you’ll fall for me... In fact, I challenge you to a bunch of dates with me… We’ll do all those things—talk on the phone, go for walks, call each other cute nicknames… But we won’t fall in love.” ~Jared
This was a great addition to the series, as with any series you will get more background if you start with the first book and continue but if you wanted to you could read this as a standalone but I will warn you that there will be a couple of secondary stories that you may not understand without prior knowledge of the couples in question.
Top Shelf (Aces Hockey, #3) by Kelly Jamieson
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good start to the series

Ramping Up: A Mavrick Allstar Novel (Mavrick Allstars) - Zoe  Dawson
Nadine's 4 star rating


Professional Skateboarding is not something I have read about before in a romance novel, typically the athletes are football players, hockey players, baseball players, or even basketball players, but I have to say that I was intrigued when I read the book synopsis especially since he was going from being a professional surfer to a professional skateboarder. 
Ramping Up (Mavrick Allstars, #1) by Zoe Dawson
Gunner was a complex character, he had a lot going on in his life and most people didn't know what was happening in his home. His story will pull at your heartstrings, for such a young man he has made so many life altering decisions. But now, that his secret passion has been revealed through a video someone took of him things are changing again and this may be the biggest decision of his life.
Ramping Up (Mavrick Allstars, #1) by Zoe Dawson
I liked the chemistry between Lena and Gunner, and the overall story was a good one that took me on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride. This is the first book in the Mavrick Allstars Series and I look forward to "Impact Zone" the next book in the series which will be Trista and Falcon's story. 
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One More Shot (Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, #1) by T.L. Alexander

Funny, Funny Read!


Nadine's 4 star rating


This was a great start to a new series by T.L. Alexander, and I can't wait for the next book. I would consider this a spinoff of the Layers Series because this book's Hero is Dr. Dino Coletti and if you read the layers series you'll remember that he is the uncle of Alexia and Samantha, he has moved to a small little town in Oregon to fill a two-year medical position at the hospital. That being said you do not have to read the Layers Series in order to read this one, it can be read separately and you will not feel as if you have missed anything.

Dannie grew up on Whisper Lake but moved away for a while, now she is back, after a nasty divorce, with her daughter and she is taking the lake by storm. I always like when a wealthy person returns to their hometown to do good, and that is exactly what Dannie is doing.

Dannie has heard gossip about the new man living on the other end of the Lake though she has yet to meet him...according to all the women, young and old, he is something to behold. After two run-ins (literally) she agrees that he is good looking but that's it, she has no interest in any man let alone a Doctor after the way her Doctor ex-husband treated her.

This story was so much fun to read, I loved all of the characters, and the banter between them all was just great. I was laughing so much during this book. I cannot wait to the next one is released.

One More Shot (Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, #1) by T.L. Alexander



Here's a Little Excerpt:

He invades me and my body opens up to receive him, as if saying, I've been waiting for you, dumbass. What took you so damn long?
He moans."Dear lord, you feel like heaven. I've wanted you and this for so long. You're never getting away, Dan. Never."
"Stop talkin' the talk. I want--"
He thrusts forward. "Is that what you want?"
"Yes," I say and dig my nails into his ass cheeks.
He finds his rhythm and I dance along. All is well until it shifts from first to fifth,and I get left behind. Soon he's groaning and spouting unintelligible words.
He pulls out and collapses next to me. "God, Dannie, that was..."
Over in a blink of the eye. Faster than a bullet train. Quicker than sand. Unbelievably unfulfilling. I bite my lip and choke down my tears of shock and frustration. How could a man who looks like he does, smells like he does,is hung like he is, and has had as many lovers as he has be such a...disappointment? I might not be an expert at these things; but come on...


Some Quotes from the Book:

“That’s how I knew my second husband was a keeper. I gave him the test… The third time we hooked up, I wore my biggest granniest, white cotton panties.”


“Marcie said he’s the hottest thing to hit the lake since your dad. I told her, it’s not possible. You dad is and will always be the honey to my dew.”


“He removes three condoms and sets his wallet aside. He kisses them one by one. ‘I’ve never been so happy to see you. Come to Papa, you little gold treasures of pleasure.’”


One More Shot (Girlfriends, Goddesses & Barflies, #1) by T.L. Alexander

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Porn for your mind!

Unwrapped: a MMF Holiday Romance - Taryn Quinn
Unwrapped by Taryn Quinn


Caitlyn's birthday is coming up and the only thing she wants from one of her two best friends to rid her of her virginity....the only problem is that she cannot choose between Matt and Tristan. She has been attracted to both of her best friends for years, they each have something that pulls her to them. When Matt finds out what Caitlyn wants he makes her an offer that she cannot refuse, not either Matt or Tristan, but both of them!

This book was so hot it was like a porno for your mind. There was so much sex going on it was hard to believe that Cait was a virgin...we have some MM, MF, and of course MFM.

I have to admit that I liked the after effects of their weekend together, I felt it was pretty realistic as to what may happen if you believed that after the weekend you would all just go back to your normal life....yeah that's not happening!

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Texas Bounty Series Book #1

Take Me Deeper: A Texas Bounty Novel - Jackie Ashenden
Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

Take Me Deeper is the first book in a new series by Jackie Ashenden called Texas Bounty and as you can guess by the name of the series it is about Bounty hunters....and holy hell is it hot!

Zane is back in Texas to help his brothers (Quinn and Rush) run the family business "Lone Star Bounty" but he is only staying for one month and then he is heading back to the Army and his Special Forces team. Quinn makes Zane promise to complete this one job before he can even begin to start thinking of leaving...but Zane had no idea that this one job would change his life.

Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

Iris is on the run after her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend got her involved with transporting drugs for the cartel and she was arrested. Now Iris is looking over her shoulders for the cartel and the police, and neither can find her because one will kill her and the other will lock her up until she testifies.

Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

When Zane finally catches up with Iris things really start to get interesting!
Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie AshendenI enjoyed the chemistry between Zane an Iris and I was a bit skeptical on how things would work out between them, I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with the ending of their story.

Take Me Deeper (Texas Bounty, #1) by Jackie Ashenden

I look forward to reading more of this series but I have to be honest that I cannot wait for Quinn's story! I really hope it plays out the way I'm hoping it does. ;)

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Machine (Barnes Family, #2) by Normandie Alleman

Machine: A Bad Boy Romance (Barnes Family Book 2) - Normandie Alleman
Machine (Barnes Family, #2) by Normandie Alleman



This book is the perfect example why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I'm not speaking about the HOT cover of this book I am referencing Bridger Thompson, he is a former Navy SEAL and now a mechanic at the local Body Shop but that is not all....nope he is the KING OF PORN! Yep that's right, Bridger is the King of Porn...he's not in front of the camera so no one really knows that is where he makes most of his money but it still a huge part of who he is.

You see Bridger was injured in Iraq and since he didn't have function of a certain body part he created a machine that he hoped would satisfy his ex-fiance's needs....did you catch the ex part there? Yep they are no longer together so now he creates these machines and pays women to pleasure themselves with it on camera. This secret side of him if it came out could ruin Dynassy Barnes chances of cleaning up her bad girl image.

Machine (Barnes Family, #2) by Normandie Alleman

I loved the chemistry between Dynassy and Bridger and they each brought something to the table so it wasn't a one sided romance....they each had a lot to loose if things didn't work out, but they each had a lot to gain if it did.

Machine (Barnes Family, #2) by Normandie Alleman

Will Bridger's secret come out? Will Dynassy clean up her image? Will they be able to work through things if secrets are revealed? Only one way to find out the answer to these questions - grab your copy today! You wont be disappointed. Machine is the second book in the Barnes Family series but it can be read as a standalone.

**I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book given to me by the author, this is a completely honest and non-incentivized review**

Can be read as a standalone!

Janet and the Bear: A BBW Bear-Shifter Romance (Shifting Impulse Book 3) - Aurora Woodlove
Janet and the Bear (Shifting Impulse, #3) by Aurora Woodlove





Janet and Sean are great together even though they have a bit of a rocky time they cannot deny the chemistry between them. This is the third book in the series and I think the stories are getting better and better with each one.

Janet is the bartender at Shifting Impulse and she has grown up with Shifters so they aren't anything new to her but when she meets Sean something awakens in her. I really liked Sean whom was just passing through North Bloom Lake for the weekend while attending an opening for his friends photography exhibition, so this was the first time we have met him but I have a feeling it wont be the last.

Like I have said in another review of this series....Shifting Impulse is the place to go for shifters and humans alike, you never know you might just find your fated mate there.



Janet and the Bear (Shifting Impulse, #3) by Aurora Woodlove


Can be read as a standalone!

Celine and the Bear: A BBW Bear-Shifter Romance (Shifting Impulse Book 2) - Aurora Woodlove

Celine and the Bear (Shifting Impulse, #2) by Aurora Woodlove

First I am going to start by saying that I enjoyed this story much more than Anna and the Bear. There was just something about Celine that I really liked, she was a bit shy and a whole lot of nervous when she met Ryan (Adam's twin brother) which I totally found endearing. There is one huge obstacle that Ryan needs Celine to conquer so that they can be together. But since the author tells you in the books blurb that there is a guaranteed HEA you know that things do work out for Ryan and Celine.


Shifting Impulse is the place to go for shifters and humans alike, you never know you might just find your fated mate there.


Celine and the Bear (Shifting Impulse, #2) by Aurora Woodlove




**I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book given to me by the author, this is a completely honest and non-incentivized review**


Anna and the Bear: A BBW Bear-Shifter Romance (Shifting Impulse Book 1) - Aurora Woodlove
Anna and the Bear (Shifting Impulse, #1) by Aurora Woodlove



This is a hard review to do, while I thought the story was a good one it lacked something and I'm just not sure what that was. I didn't feel a connection or any chemistry between Anna and Adam at all. I liked Adam but Anna was very annoying at times. This is the first book in the series and I do plan on give the other books a read I really hope that I connect more with the next couple because Anna and Adam left a lot to be desired.


Anna and the Bear (Shifting Impulse, #1) by Aurora Woodlove


Perfect Holiday Read!

Wrapped Together  - Annabeth Albert

This story had Yummy Goodness written all over it. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes and what better time for two friends to get together than over the holidays. Such fun!


Wrapped Together (Portland Heat, #5) by Annabeth Albert


Sawyer and Hollis have been friends for many years, they actually grew up together and watched Hollis' sister and Sawyer's brother fall in love, get married, and start a family of their own..but for some reason Hollis steered clear of Sawyer even though he had feelings for him. But that time has come and gone and Sawyer was going to make sure of it.


Christmastime has been rough for Hollis since his parents death a few years earlier, but Sawyer is determined to get him out of the depression he always falls into as the holidays near.


Wrapped Together (Portland Heat, #5) by Annabeth Albert

And what better way to do it than with a little wager, if Sawyer wins the towns most favorite Shop window Hollis has to go on an actual date with him.


Wrapped Together (Portland Heat, #5) by Annabeth Albert
Wrapped Together had me pulled in right from the beginning, I love the way Annabeth Albert pulls at your heartstrings at the same time she's making you laugh out loud. Sawyer and Hollis' story was one of sheer beauty and it definitely had my emotions all over the place. It wonderful way to start the holidays, curled up in front of the fireplace reading Wrapped Together on my kindle while sipping at hot coco...perfect!


Wrapped Together (Portland Heat, #5) by Annabeth Albert
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Cover Reveal - A Joe of my Own by Skye Turner

A Joe of my Own
Skye Turner
Release Date: February 22nd 2017
Sergeant Joe Jonesy has always focused on serving his country while enjoying the attention that the uniform gets him from the ladies.
Jamee Canova always dreamed of a handsome man in uniform sweeping her off her feet. Though she’s the personal assistant to a bestselling romance author, her actual love life is laughable at best.
When Joe’s best friend receives a cup of coffee from Jamee’s boss, and the two find love together, Jonsey and Jamee are also “introduced.”
Jonsey finds himself intrigued by the beauty with the purple hair on the other side of the Skype conversation while Jamee can’t deny the charm that the dashing soldier on the camera possesses.
Long distance relationships are hard but is true love on the horizon when two people on opposite sides of the world find themselves face to face?
Is Jonesy the man for Jamee?
Will her childhood dreams become reality when she finally has a Joe of her own?
Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned writer. She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, 2 kids, and 8 fur babies. When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), or catching up on her family oriented blog.
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BLOG TOUR - Jillian's Touch by Jax Jillian

Jillian's Touch - Jax Jillian
Jillian's Touch
By Jax Jillian
Release Date: December 27th 2016
 Jillian's Touch takes readers on a journey with Nathan Long as he struggles to find Jillian, the mysterious woman who wrote him a love letter. After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Nathan Long has received a second chance at turning his life around.  Battling depression since his parents were killed several years ago, Nathan feels lucky to be alive.  With the support of his friends, shrink, and a new girlfriend Stephanie, Nathan feels ready to move on from the suicidal thoughts and reckless behavior that was consuming his life.    But when he receives a letter from a woman named Jillian claiming to be the love of his life, Nathan's focus turns to finding out who she is, and if she is in fact real.     When Nathan finally finds Jillian, he learns that the circumstances surrounding their time together are beyond anything he could ever imagine. 
Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | B & N | iBooks
Jax Jillian

Jax Jillian was born in Albuquerque, NM but before she turned a year old, her parents moved east to Harrisburg, PA where she was raised. After graduating high school in 1995, Jax attended La Salle University (1999, B.A., Communication), Temple University (2001, M.Ed, Sport & Recreation Administration), and Central Pennsylvania College (2005, A.A.S, Physical Therapist Assistant). She settled in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and son before she became a writer. Jax found a passion for motion pictures at a young age when she remembers “getting lost” in films, and that passion ultimately led her down the path to writing. she loves “getting lost” in her writing and particularly loves writing heartfelt love stories with a touch of tragedy which she believes is the key to truly reaching readers. Jax is the author of Larkin’s Letters and Ryan’s Letters, two contemporary romance novels that have seen early success from reviewers, with both averaging 4.8/5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. She is currently writing her third novel and aspires to write a screenplay one day. When not writing, she works full time as a physical therapist assistant and as a mom to her three-year-old son.
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COVER REVEAL! My Secret Possession (Kinkyfodder Chronicles #2) By J.M. Witt

My Secret Possession - J.M. Witt
My Secret Possession (Kinkyfodder Chronicles #2)
By J.M. Witt
Release Date: January 31, 2017
Heather McDonald.  He saved me, my son, when I was destitute and barely able to make ends meet.  I’m a dutiful wife, a working mom, but even my job was something he gave me.  I owe him the world, I owe him my devotion, I owe him the truth... I don’t love him anymore, not sure I ever did.
Jared wants me to choose, I need to choose, but he needs to choose, too.  If only it was that simple.
Meredith Nichols.  I’m happy, I’m independent, I’ve come so far.  But I feel like I’m losing the man who helped me discover myself, my soul, my happiness, my purpose outside of being a mom.  Can Gregor and I find our way back to each other or will Jared become more than a distraction?
I want Gregor to choose, he needs to choose, but I need to choose, too.  If only it was that simple.
I am his secret, his serenity.
I am his submissive.
He was My Secret Possession.

My Secret Submission (Kinkyfodder Chronicles #1)
Available Now

A new standalone novel about a taboo romance. Forbidden desires, stolen moments, and secret submissions just the beginning.
My submission, Your demand Your wish, My command
Meredith Nichols. I’m the epitome of a good wife and a good mom. I’m President of the PTA, I volunteer in my children’s classrooms, and I moonlight as a freelance editor for romance authors. No one suspects what secret desires lurk below the surface, except my husband. I’ve openly tried to persuade him to join me in my fantasies, but he’s refused over and over again.
Then, I met Gregor Thompson. Our worlds collided one fateful day and there was no turning back. He’s a mystery, intriguing, dominant, and has the same struggles at home that I do. He’s opened my mind to the possibility that my fantasies can indeed be met and that he’s the man to mentor me. He’s infiltrated my brain and seems to know my wants and needs before I express them.
It’s time to be who I was meant to be, get what I want, what I need, and forget what society thinks. I’m going to let Gregor take me on a journey of self-discovery to places most are unwilling to go. We all have a public life, a private life, and a secret life… He would be mine.
He was my safe place.
He was my secret escape.
He was my Sir.
He was My Secret Submission.
J.M. Witt

Residing in Metro Detroit, International Bestselling Author J. M. started writing poetry and short stories as a young girl. Rediscovering her love of reading, after having her fourth child, she started writing again. She also works full time as an Office Manager for a large landscaping company. Letting Go, her first publication, was released in December 2013 and My Secret Submission, her 9th, was published in May 2016. She enjoys music, time with friends, sarcasm, concerts, spending time with her children and husband, traveling, and getting lost in a good book. And if you ask nicely, she might show you her flogger and let you sample it.
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COVER REVEAL! Hunt (Howl #2) by D.S. Wrights

Cover Reveal
HUNT (Howl #2)
By D.S. Wrights & Lilth Dark
Release Date: January 3rd 2017
After her family trip ends up to be her biggest nightmare combined with deepest desire, Lia has to find her place in a world she never imagined to be possible. While she is trying to fit in and connect with the werewolves that have taken her, Lia realizes that tapping into the locked away part of her is more difficult than she thought. And then there is the fact that an unknown and new for her threat is putting her on a leash, when all she wants is to know if her brother and father have survived.
Pre Order HUNT
 What was supposed to be an extended family camping trip turns horribly wrong.
All Liala wanted for her 21st birthday is to reconnect with her long dead mother at the place her parent's met and they used to visit until her death. Despite an old woman's warning the camp of her extended family and friends is eventually set up at a secluded little piece of paradise... and right in the middle of the local were-wolf pack's territory. Howl is a horror/paranormal/erotica story and contains topics that are not suitable for minors or the fainthearted, such as gore, non-con, and borderline interaction.
Available Now!
D.S. Wrights was born and raised mostly in Germany. She speaks three languages fluently: English, German and Dutch. Her name is a pen name and she describes writing as her passion and calling.Two short stories were published during high school, one as a school project and one in a regional newsletter. Later she worked at a publishing house where she earned insight into the work, process and production of publishing books.In the last few years she has published several fan fictions to which the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The Beast And Me is her first published novel. D.S. hasn't always written stories like The Beast And Me and she is still writing stories from all kinds of genres that do not have horror aspects or are targeting adults only. Those stories are published with under a different name. So if you like her writing style but not really the genre, you might want to check out her other books, which soon will be published.Her name actually is a play on words and language. D.S. is put together from the initials of her internet name and Wrights simply has the same sound as writes. Before writing she prefers to bring herself in the right mood for the story, listening to specific songs, reading through what she has written before and especially talk about the story with friends and fans. So feel free to write to her.
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